ODW-day with TAG CLOUD

This post is originally written for the blog of the European project TAG CLOUD.

Lars ved Trondheim TorgOperation Day’s Work (ODW) is an annual solidarity action organized by, with and for young people. On the ODW-day young people work one day to raise funds for a development project in low- or middle-income countries. The goal in 2014 is to provide girls in Ethiopia and Malawi with increased independence and greater influence over their own lives. In particular the action income will be used to support education for girls.

This year SIT gave a mission to two students. Lars (14) and Jacob (16) helped us to disseminate the results from the EU project TAG CLOUD and to complete a survey about digital and cultural habits. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. SIT has the opportunity to support an important solidarity action and ODW helps us to carry out our work.

Jakob ved HornemansgårdenLars and James held a booth at a shopping centre in Trondheim. They also visited Café Hornemansgården which is a meeting place for senior citizens. They were both very happy at end of the day. They achieved the goal for the mission and they met many friendly and curious people. They also gave us some suggestions for the next solidarity action. The personal at the information point and some shop owners praise the two students: “Very pleasant and polite young people” is one of the feedback we got!

About the European project TAG CLOUD

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