Case study: Smart jacket

Imagine a man with his head bended down onto a smart phone screen, checking Facebook activities since ten minutes ago. And there he goes, banging his head into a street light. The scene begs the question: Are smart phones really the best user interfaces we can have?

The most famous jacket on the planet?

A smart jacket developed by SINTEF and NTNU as a collaborative effort between the EU R&D projects SOCIETIES and MIRROR is making headlines.The smart jacket is built to assist rescue workers in the event of a crisis such as a fire, an earthquake or similar.

Your jacket can now talk to Facebook!

NTNU students in collaboration with SINTEF ICT Health Informatics Group prototype smartwear that can talk to Facebook. The smartwear can provide collaboration support for those who cannot use touch-screen smartphones, for instance rescuers, firefighters or people with reduced physical abilities. The jacket can wirelessly read your Facebook updates, vibrate the skin of your neck, in this way getting your attention to check the LCD screen attached to your sleeve.